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Making the right choice in terms of mobility is certainly not easy. Advising on this and thinking along about the best solution for a mobility issue is something that gives me satisfaction.

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As a senior Finance employee, I have been involved for many years. I really enjoy working in the automotive industry. With my knowledge, I can provide my colleagues with the right information when it comes to figures. I enjoy working on targeted and efficient solutions; that gives me energy!

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Short-term lease refrigerated-freezer trucks

Shortleaseland offers a unique short-lease solution with refrigerated/freezer trucks that are essential for companies that specialize in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Whether it concerns the delivery of fresh products, pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive items, our refrigerated/freezer trucks guarantee that your goods remain in perfect condition during transport.  

The importance of refrigerated trucks for your company

Refrigerated trucks are indispensable for companies that depend on the safe and efficient transport of chilled or frozen products. They offer the perfect solution for maintaining the correct temperature, guaranteeing the quality of your goods during the entire transport process.  

The advantages of short-lease refrigerated-freezer trucks

Choosing a refrigerated truck short lease or a freezer truck short lease offers your company the flexibility to meet seasonal demand or temporary projects without the long-term obligations of a standard lease contract. With short lease, all operational costs, such as maintenance, insurance and road tax, are included. This gives you financial clarity and convenience. A short lease contract can be concluded with Shortleaseland for a period of 1 to 24 months and is always on the basis of full operational lease.  

Refrigerated trucks: versatile and reliable

Our refrigerated trucks are equipped with refrigeration technologies that guarantee a constant temperature, essential for the transport of perishable goods. They are reliable, easy to operate and offer enough space to meet your logistics needs. In addition, a short-term refrigerated truck lease is ideal for various sectors. This includes the food industry, pharmaceuticals and catering. They are essential for companies that need to maintain strict quality controls and standards when transporting their products.  

Personal service and support at Shortleaseland

At Shortleaseland we understand the importance of reliable and efficient refrigerated trucks for your company. Our team of short-lease experts is ready to advise you and find the most suitable refrigerated van for your specific business needs. We provide a worry-free short lease experience, so you can concentrate on your business operations. If you are interested in a short-term refrigerated truck lease, we are happy to help you! Please contact us immediately.  


Short-term leasing a refrigerated/freezer truck from Shortleaseland is a smart choice for companies that need specialized transport. With our flexible short lease options, all-inclusive rates and personal service, we offer a solution that supports your company in delivering quality and maintaining the integrity of your products. Choose the reliability and efficiency of a short-term refrigerated freezer truck and ensure that your products are always delivered in perfect condition.
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